In 2018, my Scaramuccia colleagues (Javier Lupiáñez and Patrícia Vintém) and I founded the record label and publishing house Snakewood Editions.

We really want to enjoy as much artistic freedom as possible when creating our albums and it seems like we like to do things from scratch, so… why not to create a label and self-produce our own albums…?! It is being quite a journey to build our own company but we have already produced three CDs which are getting very nice reviews and are sold worldwide. (By the way, one of the best way to support artists and help them to keep creating is to buy their work directly from them. So if you like what we do at Scaramuccia, head to Snakewood’s webshop to buy our CDs). 😉

Our music editions are sold all over the world; our customers range from amateur musicians to top soloists and orchestras.

We have also started recording projects developed by other artists which will see the light soon and to distribute music editions engraved by other musicians. So stay tuned to know more!

Visit Snakewood Editions webshop here.